Friday, 1 September 2017

MTV Dropout Pvt. Ltd. [2nd September 2017] Real Life Companies and Challenges

Contestants have been Selected and now they are set for real life challenges in real life companies. They have to Work in Team and have to work with lots of Co-Ordination. The Difficulties going to be improved Day by Day Just like the new Start Up.

You are Going to see the Start Up Journey of a Team from Very Beginning and You'll Learn a Lot from them. Even After Facing lots of Hurdles, You have to Play this Business and Start Up Game with Support of Each Other.

It would be Great to See How 13 Selected Drpout Contestants managed to do Create Big Start Up from Scratch.

Keep Watching MTV Dropout Pvt. Ltd. Every Saturday 7 PM and You are going to get lots more Pro Tips from Professional Anisha Singh, Sandeep Agarwal and Alok Kejriwal who created their own Startup by their own.

Keep Watching MTV Dropout Every Saturday 7 PM on MTV India Channel. Download Full HD Episode of 2nd September on Official Voot website.

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