Monday, 3 April 2017

MTV Dropout Pvt. Ltd. Audition Registration Online: How To Send Video

Very Famous MTV Roadies Personality Raghu and Rajiv Brothers are back one more time on Television and this time with India's First Startup Show named 'MTV Dropout Pvt. Ltd'. It is the Show for those who are Passionate, Dreamers and Who are Self-made Superstars. Here is the MTV Dropout Pvt. Ltd. Audition Registration Form. See How to Register and to be Part of the Show. Also have a Look How you Can Fill the Registration form Online and Send you Videos to the Official MTV India.

dropout registration

Dropout Pvt Ltd.’ is a reality show to provide a platform for young entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas for starting new businesses or enable young entrepreneurs with the right attitude develop new ideas (“Startup Ideas”) where a select panel of visionary entrepreneurs, investors and other panel members will select the participants for the Program from the audition rounds and help them fine tune the Startup Ideas and guide them on how to develop such ideas into a possible workable business. This process may include various tasks including but not limited to presentations, live site trainings, workshops and challenges. The final objective of the Program would be to find 1 (one) best Startup Idea basis the format of the Program. Only those Applicants who are serious business entrepreneurs and committed to the Startup Idea and the format of the Program are advised to apply.

1. Eligibility Criteria (You Must Follow)

Please be advised that in order to participate in the Program following basic eligibility requirements are required to be fulfilled (which may be changed at any time by Organizer in its sole discretion):
  • Above 18 years of age;
  • Residents and citizen of the India;
  • Only individuals/ persons in their individual capacity are eligible to apply and a company incorporated under the Companies Act 2013 (i.e. a one-person company/ private limited company and/ or public limited company) are not eligible to apply for this Program.
  • Individuals with new original Startup Ideas absolutely owned and controlled by such individuals should apply and existing start-ups are not eligible to apply. 
  • Individuals with fresh/ new and original Startup Ideas are eligible to apply and such Startup Ideas should be original and absolutely owned by such Applicant.
  • Team of collaborators/ Startup Idea are not eligible for participation and only independent individuals are eligible.
2. How to Apply for MTV Dropout Pvt. Ltd Reality Show

For the chance to participate in the auditions for the Program, the Applicant should follow below directions: 

i)    Log on to the Program website at (“Website”) for complete information and further instructions;

Complete the online application form available on the Website;

Instructions About Upload & Video -

Tell us about yourself, why you deserve to be on the show, and pitch us your best ideas with a quick video at

Note - for video files exceeding 5 MB, please send via Google Drive or as YouTube link). 

Important - Check Terms & Conditions before Applying for the Show

MTV Dropout Pvt. Ltd is for those who are Dreamers and Living Passionate Lives. It doesn't matter if you are College or School Dropout. It Doesn't matter if you have College Degree or not. If you are a Sharp and Focused Self-made SuperStar then you are Invited to India's Number one Startup focued Show.

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  1. I am keen ; is there still chance ??

  2. If i have chance to get this wonderful opportunity then may be i can make drop out because i think that a businessmen can earn very much money than a servicemen that's why i want to also keen a businessmen

    1. If i get a chance to select a goverment job or business then i will select a business becuase in service salary is fixe always but in business it is not so..there is no fixe salary in business therefore i want to become a business tycoon